townsville kitchen tiling

Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co has all the things you need for your next kitchen remodelling project, and this includes benchtops. You might not realise it yet, but benchtops are a great way to put your appliances and other important kitchen tools. Varying in style, finishes, and tones, a benchtop is a versatile component of your kitchen. Here are some of the material choices:

  • Wood Benchtops – a wood benchtop affords one of the most cost-effective options for those on limited finances. From softwood to hardwood, your options are just far-ranging. We have all the needed equipment to build this for you.
  • Granite Benchtops – granite is a naturally developed stone which features a striking façade and resilience. To compute for the cost of granite, one must factor in the thickness, tones, kitchen size and space.
  • Stainless steel benchtops – this material is non-porous and very hygienic, and it comes in a lot of textures. Whilst the polished look is most popular, there are other looks that you can also have on it. To clean it, all you need to do is simply wipe with a cloth. That natural shine that steel radiates will give a clean look to your kitchen.
  • Marble benchtops – marble is deemed as a premium selection for those wanting a natural stone surface in their top-of-the-line kitchen. Even if its price can change on the grade of the stone, it is still quite hard to find.
  • Engineered stone benchtops – if you dream of having your kitchen remodelled into a modern style, then this Benchtops that’s a manufactured type is great. This is also friendly to your budget, and it serves a great alternative to natural stone.
  • Concrete benchtops – this material is a versatile option for kitchen benchtops, because it comes in a plethora of colours, finishes and textures. These are to be made according to the client’s requirements. That simply means that it is really unique.
  • Laminated benchtops – laminated benchtop still affords the most cost-effective solution for those clients who are on a budget. These come in a lot of selections and serve as an affordable option.

Premium Quality Benchtops for Your Dream Kitchen

Only trust our experts at Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co to have that durable and beautifully designed and fitted benchtops for your kitchen. Now is the time to make your kitchen layout come to life by hiring us as your expert renovators in Townsville, Queensland and in neighbouring areas.