Kitchen Cabinetry

cabinet and kitchen design

There is nothing more satisfying than having your things in the kitchen organised. With a sturdy cabinet that not only performs well, but also fits the look of your kitchen, cooking and doing other chores in the kitchen is made more enjoyable.

At Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co, we can design and build your desired cabinet. From frameless, handle-less or the traditional cabinets, you name it, and our fitters will make it for you. With that said, a cabinet is really something that’s worth paying for. Here’s what we offer:

  • Kitchen Cupboards – these are helpful means of storing a lot of your food items without taking up too much space. These can be placed seamlessly on the wall, and it has different options too:
  • The Shaker-style
  • Glass-front doors
  • Open shelving
  • Kitchen Drawer – hiding your trash behind a door has become a popular option lately. This is where bins come in handy, but to make sure that they don’t take up too much floor space, here are two amazin options for your kitchen drawers:
  • Slide-out or integrated bin
  • Bin drawers
  • Kitchen Storage Cabinets – there was a time when kitchen cabinets were built awkwardly, but today, the options for maximising storage has become phenomenal. These are some of the cabinet styles you can choose from:
  • pantry storage systems
  • pull-out spice racks
  • saucepan storage
  • kitchen drawer liners
  • kitchen drawer organisers
  • Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes – having a plain kitchen cabinet is fine, but to protect and increase the durability feature of your cabinet, it is highly suggested that you have it coated with these finishes:
  • High Gloss Board
  • Vinyl Wrap
  • Two Pack

At Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co, the kitchen cabinet options are practically limitless when it comes to its designs, materials, styles, finishes and even accessories. We have everything you need, so allow us to be your experts in cabinet fitting for your next kitchen reno project. Call us now!