Kitchen Design

elegant kitchen design

A kitchen design is more than just its aesthetic aspect, but it must also conform to your everyday needs and demands. Also, your finances play an important part in materialising your layout, but you can still do so much even when you are on a tight budget.

Here at Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co, our kitchen design styles vary greatly. From matte styles to old style kitchens, you name it, and we will do it for you. Our in-house designers can work on any of the following kitchen designs you like:

  • Matte Style Kitchens – when it comes to installing Matte Kitchens, you can always turn to us for expert help. Our expert designers understand the level of care and skill required when working with this kitchen style, and this is to avoid potential damage during the installation phase.

Upgrading your old kitchen can undoubtedly improve the overall look of your home. Having additional functions and features means you never want to leave your kitchen.

  • Handle-less Style Kitchens – the space-saving feature is what makes this style a popular choice. This is so, because this feature provides this kitchen style a popular twist, and this compliments well in open living houses and contemporary lifestyles.

Further, handleless kitchens afford a safer space for those households that have little children running around. The smooth and seamless blend on your kitchen will also highlight the contemporary components of your kitchen. Plus, it is cheap and easier to install.

  • Shaker Style Kitchens – since it became popular, shaker style kitchens have become passé. This kitchen style is ideal for households that are always busy. This is mainly because this style prevents frequent bumps or hits. So, if you have little children running around, then a shaker style kitchen is the best choice for your new kitchen.

By having your kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers replaced with a shaker kitchen door, then you will feel safer and feel more confident about your kitchen.

  • Coastal Style Kitchens – if you want to always feel at ease in your kitchen like you are when you are at a beach, then this design style is best for you. In this design, all you need to keep note of are the paint colours that must stick to green, blue and white. Also, choosing lightly toned wood for you cabinets and floors will give off that beach vibe you’re after.
  • Old World Style Kitchen – this design style will surely bring you back to the age where more is more when it comes to accessories and the elements in the kitchen. This kitchen style demands that you pick out dark tones of word, such as mahogany for your tables and floors. Rich, velvety fabrics are a perfect match to your wooden undertones. In this design, going bold is the only option.

We Build Your Dream Kitchen

At Townsville Kitchen Renovation Co, no matter how difficult or unique your design is, we will take on the challenge of making sure you get what you want. All of our amazing products and services can be found on our website. Feel free to explore the styles that might be good for you. Call us now!